New Cambridge International Public School

CBSE Affiliation Number: 830625


Our Achievements

Our Students Achieved in different competitation are as following below:

        1. Bharat Ko Jano Competition

        2. Bangalore District Inter Club Taekwondo Championships.

        3. 4th inter School State Level Taekwondo Championships.

        4. National Science Day – on the spot Painting Competition.

        5. AICCC- Drawing Competition.

        6. Spell Bee Competition.

        7. Aloha Mental Maths

2018 - 2019

Events Conducted - 2018-19

  • Inter school Rhymes carnival on 28/07/2018

  • Folk dance competition on 04/08/2018

  • PTM on 11/08/2018

  • Independence day celebration on 15/08/2018

  • Mime on 25/08/2018

  • Drama competition for primary section on 25/08/2018

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     We are delighted to have taken on the stupendous challenges of nurturing your children, motivating and guiding them to be energetic, passionate, focused, confident and well rounded personalities: hence by the time they step into adulthood they are more than equipped to face the real world and take on the reigns of Indian citizenship with a global outlook.

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