New Cambridge International Public School

CBSE Affiliation Number: 830625


Hostel facilities

NCIPS provides a natural and secure abode to blossoming children, providing a homely care and attention to the each individual.

The hostels is located in the Campus of the school. Round-the-clock security ensures a safe haven for the students.Student has to follow a prescribed schedule which is strictly adhered to in order to bring discipline in their routine and create a healthy routine for a lifetime.

Their weekends will be scheduled with unlimited fun & frolic with indoor & outdoor games, cultural programmes, adventure outings, & leisure hours. Hostel Warden, House Mothers are at the complex round-the-clock ensuring utmost attention. Medical Attendant and Emergency Staff is also provided close to children’s hostel For that matter, students in the hostel are more privileged than the non-boarders, for they can enjoy all amenities available in the school.This results in a homely atmosphere across the complex and a secure and reassuring environment for children..


Focal Points :                           

1.Fully Secured Campus, Equipped with CCTV cameras. And With 24 hours Watchmen.
2.For Every Four Children There will be one Care Taker.
3. Children Specialist will visit Every Fortnight to maintain good health of every child & examine them of any illness and Advice the child of hygiene and care each child will have a general health check-up.
4.Equipped with modern Facilities like State of the Art Laboratory, and Art Dance Studio & Playground for sporting and leisure activities, Good Ventilated Rooms.
5. The School is located in Heart of City with more than one acre campus with Good Natural providing an ideal setting for Education.
6.Students will be trained by specialized yoga Teachers in the Evening Sessions that helps the child to develop concentration & focus on their aim. In turn also Facilitates personality Development of the child.
7. International coaching Faculty will concentrate in Choosing the child interest and Talent in Various sports Field and also will coach the child to participate in state National & International competition.
8. Always Children are taken out side Campus in GPRS Van.
9. Equal Learning Opportunities For Each Child Trained after School Hours.Based on their Interests.
10. We Build Child Friendly Environment.
11. Health Care Maintenance is our Prime Policy, We Guarantee hygienic, Nutrition and timely food for the Students.
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2018 - 2019

Events Conducted - 2018-19

  • PTM on 27th October 2018.

  • Kannada Rajyothsava celebration on 2nd November 2018.

  • Sports day celebration will be held on 3rd November 2018.

  • Children's day celebration on 14th November 2018.

  • Recitation and Spell bee competition on 24th November 2018.

  • Admissions open for the year 2019-2020.

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     We are delighted to have taken on the stupendous challenges of nurturing your children, motivating and guiding them to be energetic, passionate, focused, confident and well rounded personalities: hence by the time they step into adulthood they are more than equipped to face the real world and take on the reigns of Indian citizenship with a global outlook.

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