Little Sprouts

A strong educational foundation during the early years of preschool is crucial for the holistic development of a child. During this critical stage, we strive to establish a nurturing bond filled with care and love, encouraging children to explore their potential. Our focus primarily revolves around visual learning and enhancing their motor skills.

Our approach

In our classrooms, we engage children in a variety of activities aimed at refining their fine motor skills necessary for writing. These activities include strengthening patterning skills, coloring worksheets, and connecting dotted lines. Additionally, we emphasize English conversation, fostering class interactions, reading and writing skills, introducing cursive handwriting, vocabulary development, and forming simple sentences. We also cover age-appropriate concepts of science and the environment through interactive sessions led by the teacher.

Key areas covered in our kindergarten curriculum encompass:

• Enhancing communication skills

• Encouraging artistic expression through art and craft

• Teaching phonics for language development

• Engaging children in various interactive activities

• Exploring theme-based concepts

• Developing mathamatics and language skills

• Providing opportunities for fine and gross motor development

To achieve these goals, we incorporate a range of activities into our daily schedule:

• Learning time, dedicated to structured lessons

• Storytime, where children are immersed in imaginative narratives

• Interactive Time, fostering participation and engagement

• Creative time, encouraging artistic expression and creativity

• Library time, promoting a love for reading and exploration

• Puppet shows and skits, stimulating imagination and storytelling

• Celebrations of festivals and special days, fostering cultural awareness

• Free play with technology, utilizing age-appropriate educational tools

• Sand play, providing sensory experiences and exploration

• Field trips, offering hands-on learning outside the classroom

• Writing skill development, honing their abilities in written expression

By focusing on these aspects, we aim to provide a well-rounded educational experience that prepares children for their academic journey ahead, while nurturing their overall growth and development.