Primary school

The school is dedicated to providing quality education and follows the CBSE curriculum. Our program focuses on the development of mathematical skills, including comparison, sorting, matching, ordering, sequencing, and counting. Additionally, elementary-level students are introduced to the four basic mathematical operations.

Language development is a key aspect of our curriculum, with a focus on phonics, sentence formation, and the development of good writing skills in cursive handwriting. We strive to enhance fluency in expressing thoughts and effectively conveying meaning to listeners.

Our objectives include:

• Promoting holistic development of young minds

• Encouraging intellectual growth rather than rote learning

• Nurturing creativity through engaging activities such as drama, storytelling, poetry, and music

• Catering to students’ readiness by enhancing their skills and understanding new topics

• Emphasizing overall development through sports participation in intra-school, inter-school, state-level, and national-level competitions

• Implementing a topic-based approach in the teaching-learning process

• Incorporating CBSE pedagogy and teaching methodologies

By adhering to these objectives and utilizing effective teaching methods, we aim to provide a comprehensive and engaging education that fosters students’ intellectual, emotional, and physical growth.