Secondary school

At our secondary schooling program, we prioritize the holistic growth of our young students, encompassing their cognitive, emotional, spiritual, personal, and overall development. Building upon the foundation laid in elementary school, students progress to middle school or secondary schooling, spanning grades 6 to 12. While the specific age range may vary among countries, secondary school typically caters to students aged 11 to 16 years.

Our commitment to education is reflected in the comprehensive CBSE curriculum we offer for secondary education. This curriculum goes beyond traditional subject areas and includes a wide array of subjects, assessments, value-added programs, and additional activities. By engaging with this holistic curriculum, students are provided with opportunities to become well-rounded individuals, while simultaneously honing their decision-making skills for the future.

A distinguishing feature of the CBSE curriculum is its emphasis on knowledge assimilation, with a particular focus on Mathematics and Science. However, this approach goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition, aiming to equip students with practical skills such as analysis, effective communication, cognitive abilities, problem-solving proficiency, and personality development.


By adhering to the CBSE curriculum, our aim is to empower students with the requisite knowledge and skills to effectively plan for their higher education and future careers. The well-structured curriculum at New Cambridge International Public School nurtures practical thinking and reasoning abilities in students. Through practical learning experiences, we foster the development of strong analytical, communicative, and cognitive skills, as well as problem-solving abilities and essential personality traits.

In essence, our secondary schooling program seeks to provide a nurturing and comprehensive educational environment that prepares students not only for academic success but also for a well-rounded and successful future.