Middle school

Practical life

Development of mathematical skills, including comprehension of numbers and mathematical operations


Techniques of mind mapping to enhance learning.

Cultural subjects

Helps the students empathetic and globally minded citizens who contribute positively to an interconnected world.

Middle school is a crucial phase dedicated to nurturing a child’s overall personality and self-esteem. Our focus extends beyond academic excellence to cultivate natural curiosity and encourage creative freedom. By instilling positive social values, we prepare our students to confidently navigate the world. Our commitment to quality education is reflected in our adherence to the CBSE curriculum.

Key features of our middle school program include:

• Thoughtfully organized exercises that progress in difficulty, with comprehensive coverage of grammar, vocabulary, and writing

• Bright, spacious, and well-ventilated classrooms

• Experienced, trained, and compassionate staff members

• Innovative teaching methodologies that foster effective learning

• An expansive covered courtyard for sports activities

• A Smart Room equipped for engaging audiovisual education

• A healthy teacher-student ratio of 1:15

• Encouragement for students to develop critical thinking skills, become independent and collaborative learners

• Integration of educational trips to enhance classroom and lab work

• Emphasis on project-based learning to equip students with essential skills for their academic journey

• Access to a wide-ranging library collection for completing projects and nurturing creativity

• Performance, art, and music studios that provide opportunities for self-discovery and self-expression

Our comprehensive middle school curriculum covers various aspects, including:

• Proficiency in communication skills

• Proficiency in reading and writing skills

• Theme-based learning experiences

• Development of mathematical skills, including comprehension of numbers and mathematical operations

• Introduction to information technology concepts

• Cognitive development of key concepts

• Encouragement of creative expressions

• Building confidence through various activities

• Utilization of smartboard teaching methods

• Techniques of mind mapping to enhance learning

• Self-paced learning to cater to individual needs

• A structured curriculum aligned with CBSE standards

• Interactive learning and laboratory activities

• Fun-filled learning experiences

Through this comprehensive approach, we strive to provide a well-rounded education that nurtures our students’ intellectual, emotional, and social growth, preparing them for future success.